Terms of Service


TechOBrien nor any individual operating under its name shall assume liability for data loss, hardware damage, unless directly a result of negligence on his/her part.


Billing shall be sent via invoice upon either a) completion of work or b) 5 business days from last time entry, whichever comes first.

Standard IRS per-mile vehicle driving rates apply while on the clock and for distances over 25 miles from TechOBrien HQ. 

Offsite repair shall not include hourly charge for time spend standby to repair (e.g. Waiting for operating system installation or update downloads)

All services final. No refunds on services. Refunds on hardware subject to manufacturer warranty. In cases where no manufacturer warranty exists, hardware is warrantied against failure for 30 days. Return for any other reason will be decided on a per-case basis.

All parts shall be reimbursed at purchase value including sales tax. Parts not purchased shall be sold at current average market value including estimated tax and shipping.

Acceptable forms of payment include Cash, Check, Direct Deposit, Paypal, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Credit / Debit transactions will have a 2.75% surcharge applied to them. PayPal via Credit / Debit shall have a 2.9% surcharge plus $0.30 added at time of payment, payed in full by the customer. Non-CC PayPal transfers are free. Bounced checks will immediately have a $25 late fee for the first bounce and $35 for each time after according to California Business Regulations.

Late Fees

Late payment fees will result if payment or other arrangements are not agreed upon within 30 days from invoice post. After 30 days, a late fee of %10 of the total bill shall be applied. Each 15 days following shall accrue an additional %10 late fee. 


By using TechOBrien for support services, you agree to pay in full the fees and rates associated with services rendered. You also agree to all the Terms of Service listed on this TOS page.